Thursday 2 July 2015

Annunciation of Our Lady, Rabat

This chapel in St Paul Street, Rabat is dedicated to St Mary and to the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, hence its' popular name, ta' Duna, that means 'the gifts' in Maltese.

The chapel was rebuilt by Canon Gio. Batt. Zahra between 1662 and 1666, on the site of an earlier building dedicated to St John the Baptist. Such was the popularity of this chapel that as early as 1575 Mass had been heard here on Saturdays and on the feast day.

The chapel has one altar and a sacristy. It is decorated through out with beautiful frescoes covering the walls and the ceiling.

In 1658 Canon Antonio Famicelli donated a marble statue of St Mary to the chapel, to be celebrated on the feast every 18th January, since held on  the 15th August.

In 1774 the chapel procurator (who was also vicar general of the Bishop) gave a forty day indulgence for those who visited the chapel.

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