Monday, 26 January 2015

Stavrou Lambrou Tower, Piskopi (Tilos)

The Order of St John granted the islands of Piskopi (Tilos) and Kalkia to Borello Assanti of Ischia at two hundred florins a year. It does not appear that he became a vassal of the Order but the terms of the contract made clear that he had to provide the guard service. The Order reserved the superior lordship of the island while the falcons of the island were reserved for the master as were the rights over shipwrecks. Assanti was also constrained from exacting any service from the islanders that had not been exacted by the Order in the past.

The tower at Stavrou Lambrou is built on an eerie high above the tallest sea cliffs on Piskopi. It is the strongest naturally fortified site on the island.

Stavrou Lambrou Tower

Despite being protected by the castle and towers, its small size and isolated position meant that Piskopi was vulnerable whenever the power of the Turks was in the ascendancy. In 1457 the Turks raided Piskopi together with the islands of Nisyro, Lerro and Kalymno and the village of Archangelo on Rhodes. In 1505 Kamel Reis the Ottoman admiral sacked Piskopi, Lango, Symie and Lerro. Piskopi remained part of the Hospitaller state until the siege of 1522 finally ended  their rule over the Dodecanese.

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