Sunday, 25 January 2015

Agrosikia Tower, Piskopi (Tilos)

Agrosikia Tower on the small island of Piskopi (Tilos) stands in the hills above the bay of Livadhia in the southeast of the island on the edge of a steep precipice.  The small tower consists of an encircling wall without a gate, entry must have been by ladder which would have been pulled up once the guard was safely inside.

In 1344 an allied fleet of Hospitaller, Papal, Cypriot, French and Venetian galleys used the indented coastline of Piskopi to ambush Yakshi, emir of Marmora in the strait between Piskopi and the Negropont mainland. In an engagement that lasted nine days, the allies outsailed and outfought the Turks who lost over 100 vessels.

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