Friday, 16 May 2014

d'Amboise Gate, Rhodes

The most impressive gate in the fortifications of Rhodes was built by Grand Master Fra' Emery d'Amboise and completed in 1512. The d'Amboise Gate is in the north-east of the town, beneath the Palace of the Grand Masters and was the point of entry from Pheraclos, Lindos and the west of the island.

 The d'Amboise Gate is approached by a road that crosses a bridge of three arches that span the moat.  The gate is defended by two massive cylindrical towers, and it is afforded further protection by covering fire from  the powerful St George's Bastion to the south.

The d'Amboise Gate was not only the most monumental of Rhodes's gates, it led to the most complicated entry into the town that comprised three separate lines of defence.  Within the thickness of the wall the vaulted road makes an S-bend, passes through a second gate, crosses an exposed terreplein, crosses a second moat over a further bridge, and finally, passes through the third gate before entering  the town.

Above the entrance is a marble plaque with a relief of an angel holding the coats-of-arms of the Order and of Fra' Eylon d'Amboise with the inscription: DAM-BOYSE MDXII. After damage sustained in the Siege of 1480 the gate underwent repairs during the rule of  Grand Masters del Caretto and de l'Isle Adam whose coats-of-arms are also on display.

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